Can You Beat Deledao's Artificial Intelligence?

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Your students may be spending HOURS every week playing online games, all because your current web filter doesn't use artificial intelligence in real time.

Deledao prides itself on being the only real-time AI web filter for K12.

Try and beat Deledao's artificial intelligence. We bet that your students can't play non-educational games while using our filter.

Take the Deledao Game Challenge to prove us wrong. If you win, we'll send you Apple AirPods Pro*!

The Rules:

  • You must not be a current customer of Deledao, be conducting an active pilot, or have conducted a pilot.
  • You must be the IT staff of a public school district or a private school.
  • No more than two IT staff from the same school can participate in this challenge.
  • You have a total of five tries per person.

* Limited quantities. Awarded while supplies last.